I’m bored, but want something…

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, The Geocities Gallery, The Old Net, and Yesterlinks

Explore how the internet used to be, before it corrupted us all.

Bored Button, Viralwalk, Cloudhiker, and Random Web Shuffle

Randomly explore websites with random algorithms.

wiby and Jumpstick

Randomly explore random randomsites.

The Forest

Randomly explore random web geeks.


Social network for dweeby nature people.

Dark Roasted Blend

Weekly explore random web things.

Useful Interweb

Daily explore random web things.


Visit a website recommended by a stranger.


Make, consume, and break memes.


Chat with complete strangers.

twitch roulette

Find Twitch streamers who can’t be any less alone.


Give and receive anonymous therapy.

Yearly Calendar of Ridiculous Holidays



Meet with complete strangers.


Send a letter to your future self.


Ask and answer all human questions.

The Bureau of Communication

Send government-quality messages.


Add Wikipedia photos to stuff.

Earth Reviews

Leave and read reviews about Earth.

Internet Archive

Free things, constantly updated.

Gnod (Global Network of Discovery)

Find things which are kinda like your favorite stuff.

Phil Hansen

An artist who broke any rules left after the Deconstructivist Post-Post-Neo-Impressionist Era.

The Useless Web

The ultimate in post-modern art. Consume, then ask yourself why.

Peelo Paalu Link Directory and Make Frontend Shit Again

The ultimate in pre-modern internet. Consume, then ask yourself why.

Zero Dollar Movies

Free movies on YouTube, when "Netflix and chill" costs too much.


Randomly recommended obscure movies to out-hipster everyone.


Randomly recommended anime/manga to out-otaku everyone.

Can I Stream.It? or instantwatcher

Search engine for streaming stuff you want.


The Algorithm recommends your next movie...All Hail The Algorithm.

Drive & Listen

Experience a daily commute, all over the world! More fun than it sounds.

My 50's TV!, My 60's TV!, My 70's TV!, My 80's TV!, My 90's TV!, and My 2000's TV!

Experience TV the way it was meant to be distributed.


Discover movies that made your favorite movie move, or what that movie proved could move.


Use something that feels like Netflix, but is actually YouTube.

Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions and Akiyoshi's illusion pages

Learn how pictures can make your brain fail.

Random Daily Art

Daily emails of artly things.

Museum of Bad Art

Portraits that inspire and evoke unprecedented feelings.


Old people used to call this "the funny pages".

Old-Timey Marketing on Facebook or Pinterest

Vintage ads that show how much we've changed, adapted, and stayed pretty much the same.

Strange Bible Verses

Feel-good, inspirational context for not-feel-good and uninspirational Bible verses.

Terrible Real Estate Photographs

Learn how to not sell a house.

Reader's Digest Jokes

One of the largest joke archives on the internet.


Speaks with god Engrish lantern.

Hundred Zeros

The freest and no-costest Amazon Kindle books.


Oodles of free books.

Standard Ebooks

Public domain books decently adapted for modern consumption.


Randomly browse the interblags like it's 2006.

Plain Text Sports

Read sporting event information without ANY distractions.

Apple Rankings

Learn before you buy and waste your money on overpriced garbage.

Ten Years Ago

Enjoy news from 10 years ago.


Enjoy news that's not news.


Infinite things from the multiverse.


Post-post-modern, procedurally generated "art".

The Church of the SubGenius

Join a barely-established, self-aware cult.

Time Cube 4ce

Discover the Harmonic Cube.

Radio Garden and WorldRadioMap

Bump to foreign grooves.


Help millions of songs with 0 plays on Spotify get 1 play.


Spotify, if it were Indian classical music only and aligned to the time of day.

Weird Al's History of Pop Music

A chronological list of every song Weird Al Yankovic has parodied, followed by his parody (made right after the Mandatory Fun album).

Every Noise at Once

Listen to everything ever made.


Listen to every old popular book ever made.

Every Noise at Once

Listen to every music genre ever made.

Deck of Cards

It's a deck of cards, for card deck and decked cards needs.


Figure out where you are in the world from Google Maps' Street view. Much harder than it sounds.

Where in the USA is this?

Figure out where you are in the world from a single photo. About as hard as it sounds.


Figure out what year a photo was taken. Not as hard as it sounds.

Back Of Your Hand

Test your ability to live before GPS existed.

Explore World

Be a body-swapping tourist.

Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Connect any two unrelated ideas with only Wikipedia links.

School or Prison

Guess which type of education you'd get at that place.


Wordle, but geographical!

OEC Tradle

Wordle, but economical!


Wordle, but four times more addicting!

Don't Wordle

Wordle, but not!

Almost Pong

Something like pong.

Dead Trees

Something like Tetris.

Are You You?

Prove that you're you.


A simple web-based block puzzle. With dailies!


A vast collection of puzzles and brain teasers.

Wikipedia's or FreewareFiles.com's free games list

(Mostly) non-advertisement-ravaged games that are (usually) worth playing.

No-Bullshit Games

Mobile games that are actually worth your time.


Simple little games to burn a few hundred hours.

PICO-8 and TIC-80

Play and program eeny-weeny fun little things.


Games that use 2,200-year-old technology.


Greatest hits with 2,200-year-old technology.

The Obscuritory

Little-known games to hunt around for, then not torrent.


Old-timey games that your (very young) grandpappy used to play.

Internet Archive's MS-DOS Games

The Internet Archive's in-browser emulation of almost everything from the MS-DOS.

Internet Archive's Console Living Room

The Internet Archive's in-browser emulation of OG game consoles.

Internet Archive's Internet Arcade

The Internet Archive's in-browser emulation of OOG game cabinets that cost money.

100,000 Stars

Learn how important you really are.


Map the brain, help scientists, save the world.


Small games to embiggen your physics.

PhET Interactive Simulations

The coolest sciencey thing to come out of University of Colorado Boulder.

Microsimulation of Traffic Flow

Learn why rush hour sucks.

River Runner

Be a raindrop.


Run a small ecosystem.

PhD Simulator

Be a school drone.

The Blob Toy

Play with blobs of things.

Adult Swim's Choir

A quartet, from Adult Swim. No explanation necessary.

Blob Opera

That quartet goes on tour. No further explanation necessary.

Pink Trombone

Make noises like a toddler.

Music Mouse

Play the piano without any actual skill.


Kid Pix for another generation.

Botify AI

Chat with your favorite pretend people.

Design the next iPhone

Bring innovation harder than Steve Jobs did.

Spy Balloon Simulator

Learn to do government surveillance on a strict budget.


Blow bubbles without spending money.

Empathy Prompts

Learn precisely what disabilities feel like.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Be a rebel.

Fake It To Make It

Be a yellow journalist.

Persepolis Reimagined

Visit Iran from a few years ago.

The Painted Ocean

Sail the world's oceans with the latest tech from 200 years ago.


Simulate the experience of being on an American road trip, from the comfort of your computer.

Asteroid Launcher

Simulate how annoying an asteroid impact would become, from the comfort of your computer.

Water and Water3D

Simulate how fun bathtime was, from the comfort of your computer.

Clone-a Lisa

Experience the thrill of 1-minute art forgery.


Make a TOTALLY LEGITIMATE essay on many topics.

Touch Pianist

Be a TOTALLY LEGITIMATE piano player.

FakeYou Text to Speech

Deepfake real things.

Groove Pizza

Drop some fat beat pizza.


Synthetic synthesizer simulator.

Sh*t You Can Afford and ThisIsWhyImBroke.com

Skymall on a budget.


Follow fashion trends of fake people.

Weird or Confusing

Buy unusual things, then wonder why.

TV Tropes

Tropes and cliches from every story ever.

Dumb Laws

Learn laws, ask questions, shrink your faith in humanity.

Urban Dictionary

Sherlock your jeliebers and throw dem bones.

Know Your Meme

A database of stuff nobody should have a database for.

the Office Life

Ridiculous tangentery to leverage your core competencies.

IDRlabs.com Test

Take tests to see what type of whatever you are.

This Word Does Not Exist

Learn words that don't exist.

How normal am I?

Learn how normal you are.

Where's George?

Learn how filthy your lucre was.


Go outside to a randomly generated place based on the DJIA.

See A Satellite Tonight

Go outside and observe a manmade object in perpetual freefall.


Rebuild your LEGO.

10PaperAirPlanes.com and Fold 'N Fly

Go fly a paper airplane.

Life Stats

Learn fun facts about yourself in relation to the gigantic, uncaring universe.


Documentaries that actually document things.

DocumentaryHeaven and ihavenotv.com

Free documentaries for urbane minds on a budget.

r/conspiracy List of Proven Conspiracies

Things that prove some people secretly do bad things to other people.


Make math not hard.

Simple Wikipedia

Make everything on Wikipedia not hard.

the Adequate Life

Make basic adulting not hard.

Gained InSite

Make philosophy not hard.

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People and How Music Works

Make music theory not hard.

To Build a Better Ballot

Make voting systems not hard.


Make STEM not hard.

Explorable Explanations

Interactive hybrid fun/play to make good rocket science.

The Deep Sea

Travel to the bottom of the ocean.

Space Elevator

Take an elevator to space.

Size of Space

Get a feel for the size of stuff in space.


Find out how fast you're going.


Solve the puzzle of political boundaries.


Make English not hard.


Make other languages not hard.


Read fast and also understand the words.

typing.com or ZType

Make touch typing not hard.


Learn to write classic literature, precisely.

MorseRabbit or Google's Morse

Make Morse code not hard, just in case telegraphs come back in style.

Draw Logos From Memory

Reconstruct the most famous pictures ever made.

Justin Guitar and React Guitar

Playing the guitar to look cool.

The Free Mayron Cole Piano Method and React Guitar

Playing the piano to usually look cool.

Learning Music

Playing almost anything to look cool.

Learning Synths

Playing synths to look sorta cool.

Learn To Play Go

Playing Go to never look cool.

The Auction Game

Learn how to value overpriced art.

Who Was Alive?

Find out who was alive during a given year.